Most of what I work on today is focused on exploring new ways to see ourselves in nature instead of adjacent to it. This happens through collaboration, fantastic teams, and a mix of serious and silly projects.
Many of my projects begin as a curated collection of thoughts within an channel. Below, you'll find the latest updates from these channels, each representing a potential project in the making. These evolving channels are the seeds from which projects are likely to blossom in the near future.
I'm working on expanding this section with more of my past work, but for now here are some selected projects
Positive Futures
Madlib style story generator to normalize potential positive outcomes of our current climate future.
Earth API v2
A standardized protocol and centralized repository for all Earth science data, enabling seamless search across university, government, and citizen science datasets.
A shared source of truth to build a better future. As awareness of the climate crisis increases, so does the noise and origin of information. We are working to make a glossary of terms, agreements, companies, organizations and more.
Earth's API v1
Everything humans do affects our ecosystems. And with many of the Earth's systems at tipping points, there must be accessibility and modernization of climate data platforms. Enter Earth API.
Tiny Garden
a long term project to make a micro blogging platform to curate better communities around supporting indie makers, as they become entrepreneurs.
A knowledge platform dedicated to enabling the transition to a circular economy by identifying opportunities in current law to support a circular future.
Slate is a search tool designed to help you remember and keep track of things you care about on the web.
Composing Sink
Pico Utility
a case study, focusing on scaling a micro grid down to the size of one home through integrating the waste products of one utility system into another.
an experimental community focused on sharing novel ideas around climate
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😴 easy chinese
A carefully curated, fun, and pretty flashcards to accelerate your chinese learning from scratch.
😴 Whole Person Care Field Guide
We created a field guide for the new role which summarized our research and best practices for enrolling housing-insure people in Medi-Cal.
😴 IFTTT Maker Platform
I ran the user research phase to determine the viability for a new product called Maker Platform. Established and managed the first community of makers who used IFTTT.
😴 Nomad
At IDEO CoLab, I worked on Nomad. A platform which uses IPFS to create a peer-to-peer network of nodes that routes messages from publisher to subscriber.
😴 Galileo Starter Kit
At Intel Labs I worked on the User Experience Research Group's Open Design Team where I focused on researching how Intel could make hardware more approachable to novice makers.
Thank you to the mentors, collaborators, and friends who have played a vital role in my learning journey through shared experiences. These interactions have contributed to my personal growth and the refinement of my practice.
Made For Earth
tiny factories
Dark Matter Labs
Design Technologiest
Reduct Video
Software Developer
Protocol Labs
Software Developer
Dubberly Design Office
UX Researcher
Xerox PARC
Research Assistant
Technologiest / Designer
Interaction Designer
California College of the Arts
TA, Coach, Residency
IxD Intern
Maker Media
Design Technologiest
Intel Labs
Researcher & Prototyper