Composing Sink

As part of a case study project called [[house]] focused on the long-term dwelling of humans on Earth. We build a composting sink to use localization to reduce infrastructure straying in cities and provide a solution for working towards a proof of concept for a parallel effort called PicoCore, which looked at the idea of a micro-grid and seeing if we could make a pico-grid containing all utilities needed for a modern dwelling.

![[Hello, I'm a House.001.jpeg]] Think of it as a new version of your garbage disposal, but instead of washing all the valuable compost into the public waste system, we could dry it and make it ready for use in your yard, garden, or community compost project.

![[Hello, I'm a House.002.jpeg]] Any waste put down the drain would be separated with a drill that would compress and grind the waste into smaller dry particles, which would then fall into a removable bin.

![[IMG_0204.jpg]] At the end of the house case study, our work was showcased in several installations around campus for Climate Week SF.