Personal Information Systems v2

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Through college, my system was largely the same as in high school. But I made some small tweaks in the structure of my files within finder largely because it was not practical to keep a large video or Sketch files in Evernote. So I created a new structure and started to keep content outside of Evernote except for minor notes from class. I also found that accessing some content types from Evernote was hard because I was using it for a way to much. So I started to move research, inspiration, and other content I wanted to save in and implemented the new v1 Emoji Key.

File Structure: General: org.subcategory.details/ School example: cca.undergrad.class/

v1 Tags:

  • Course Names
  • Subject (Ethics, Theater, Etc)
  • Content-Type (Exam, Paper, Notes)

v1 Color Key:

  • 🟦 Lookup or check the reference
  • 🟨 Save this
  • 🟥 Safe to Delete

v1 Emoji Key

  • 🏛 Knowledge - Collections of more established knowledge.
  • ğŸ’Ž Collections - Anything which inspired me.
  • 🔬 Research - Buckets to archive content I find when researching topics.
  • ☁️ Personal - Content related to me.
  • 💾 Archive - Old work that I can remove from my computer and keep just in the cloud.