Funding work with TLDs

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Early in 2020, we took on some client work to help extend our runway for transitioning to being creatively independent at Tiny Factories. Our client offered us a mix of USD and HNS for our work. Since then we have been using the HNS tokens to bid on domains in the hops of using them to fund future work. And we finally can! At the beginning of September 2020, Namebase announced a program to help set up Top Level Domain (TLD)! We are starting tiny and launching two at first with the hope to eventually make all of our domains available tot he public.

So I made the first pass on our new domains site Tiny Domains to act as a hub for the domains we have available, how much we make from them, and what work the support of the domain. The pricing is still being flushed out, but we know the structure will be:

  • $1 fee per domain purchase
  • 30% will do to Namebase
  • 70% will do to Tiny Factories

My ideal goal is to role out a few domains each month and uses all the proceeds to fund Tiny Factories in the following ways:

  • Fund playful interventions that may not have a clear monetization path.
  • Finical assistance to indiepreneurs who are transitioning to being creatively independent.

I think there are lots more wonderful things we can do but for not this would be a great place for us to start.