Creating a Shared Reading List

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For a while, I have wanted to create a social reading list to share notes, links, comments, and highlights with friends at a new conversational pace.

There are existing tools in this space, Hypothesis, collective network, and even Twitter to name a few.

But non-strike the pace of conversation that enables passive to active asynchronous communication to take place. To start, the goal is just to save links to a group feed of some sort. Then from there expand little by little with tiny experiments.  

v0 built for friends


To start all I'm trying to do is create a web extension that allows you to ⌘ + B and save the link from the current page to a public feed. Then when clicking on the extension icon you can see the feed of links that you and others have saved. (Eventually, this would also be a website.) Ideally, I would love for this to work on safari, but perhaps Chrome + Firefox would make more sense to start with since the Safari WebApp JS support is very new.  

v0 goals:  

  • Save links with ⌘ + B
  • Links are visible on the website
  • Links feed is visible in the web extension as pop-up  

v1+ for the Public:


Would love to start with an invite-only role out to build a strong community based on friends of friends. Then when it's stable determine what a basic payment model would be and open it up to the public, while grandfathering the initial group in for free.  

v1+ goals:  

  • Invite only
  • Save link to Private feed with ⌘ + B + Shift
  • Basic spacial commenting
  • Follow and unfollow community members  

For more writing on this project over time you can check here