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Hello, my name is Will. Welcome to my corner of the internet.
My focus for the next decade is to contribute to work that makes the unseen seen, allowing humanity to recognize itself as a part of nature rather than adjacent to it.
Currently, this involves reducing waste and enhancing individual creative agency to construct structures at 🞲🞲🞲🞲 🞲🞲🞲🞲🞲.
To deepen my understanding of climate action and to develop new practices, I work on open software projects under the Interstitial Working Group and tinker with personal projects at TinyFactories, a tribe of people supporting each other to establish their creative footing.
Previously, I served as a design technologist at research labs across various types of companies, where I specialized in translating emerging technologies into prototypes that simplified complex technologies to focus on their intended functions.
My academic journey began at the California College of the Arts, where I pursued a BFA in Interaction Design. Around this time, I had the chance to participate in John Bielenberg’s experimental education program. This program focused on thinking wrong, which largely shaped my thinking about how to apply my capabilities to the world.